Nothing Uncovered (2024)

Nothing Uncovered (2024)

Other name:멱살 한번 잡힙시다 抓住你的衣领 Myeoksal Hanbeon Jabhibsida Grabbed by the Collar Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar Let's Get Caught by the Neck Let Me Grab You by the Collar Давай схватим его

Director: Lee Ho Jae [이호재]

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama, Investigation, Murder, Mystery, Novel


Seo Jung Won is an investigative reporter and the host of the current affairs television program “Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar.” Thanks to her unique and straightforward way of exposing all kinds of torts committed by culprits—all whilst making sarcastic remarks—she gains great popularity and attracts the general public’s attention. When Jung Won is accused of murder, she joins with detective Kim Tae Hyun, and sets out to find the truth. Also helping her are her husband Seol Woo Jae and Woo Jae, respectively. (Source: Soompi) Adapted from the web novel "Myeoksal Hanbeon Jabhibsida" (멱살 한번 잡힙시다) by Nyureoki (뉴럭이). Episodes: 16 Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
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